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When applying for a SASSA grant, encountering a “SASSA Status Pending” can spark questions and uncertainties. It is a common concern for Sassa application status show ‘Pending’ and it can be fixed with a Pending Appeal to the Department of Social Development (DSD).

Mainly the reason why your SASSA status pending is because of an ongoing verification process to confirm your grant eligibility, and SASSA is still reviewing the details of your application for approval. It clearly means that your application for a SASSA grant is currently under review and evaluation. It signifies that the SASSA agency has not yet reached a final decision or initiated any action regarding your application verification.

SASSA Status Pending

If your SASSA status shows Pending, you will need to check the reasons why your SASSA Status is Pending, and for how long it will stay pending. Then you need to move to the solution to fix the status of pending issues and get it resolved to receive yrou grant payments using the following steps.

  1. Reasons for SASSA Status Pending
  2. Resolve SASSA Status Pending

Reasons for SASSA Status Pending

These are the legitimate reasons why SASSA may show a pending status for your grant application. It’s crucial to understand that SASSA processes and verifies your application before approval, and this can take some time. You can review the following reasons and wait for approval.

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  • Sassa Review process carefully checks every application. If there are missing or unclear details, they need to sort it out before they can move forward.
  • Checking Eligibility for the Sassa grant you have applied for. In this process, Sassa means testing your ID at government databases like NSFAS and UIF to confirm your eligibility.
  • Bank Details Missing from your grant application. SASSA will send you a message to help you add your bank info so you can get your money. Make sure your bank details are correct.

Resolve SASSA Status Pending

In most cases, SASSA Status Pending for new grant application is due to a lack of banking details, which you can resolve by changing Sassa banking details here.

After this step, wait for 24 hours for the system to update your bank details and check your status again.

If your SASSA status remains pending, you can initiate an appeal through SASSA’s Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) by following the provided steps.

  1. Visit the SASSA Appeal web portal.
  2. Choose the option “Application Status Pending Appeal.”
  3. Input your South African ID Number and Mobile Number used in your application.
  4. Verify your identity using the provided “OTP Pin” and click “Submit.”
  5. Your SASSA Status Pending Appeal submission will be confirmed, and you’ll receive a confirmation message.

After that, you can ensure that your SASSA status checks outcomes here.

For How Long Your SASSA Application Status Pending

You can submit your appeal to the Sassa within 90 days following the decision on your pending or declined grant application.

  • Sassa clearly stated that the application approval process takes up to 90 days (3 months) period.

The 90-day waiting period is significant due to the Sassa Means Test, which verifies the assets and income of beneficiaries and new applicants against government-defined thresholds.

The purpose is to filter out a substantial number of applications, allowing only deserving individuals to receive SASSA benefits.

This extended verification process can lengthen SASSA’s processing time from 30 to 90 days (three months) from the date of social grant application submission.

It’s important to remain patient while your grant application is being processed by Sassa.

Contact SASSA to Resolve Reconsideration Pending Status

If you’ve been waiting for an extended period and wish to expedite the process, you can directly contact SASSA by reaching the head office helpline at 0800 60 10 11.

You can also reach SASSA by sending an email to [email protected] and inquire about the current status of your application.

By taking the initiative to communicate, you show your commitment to promptly resolve your SASSA Status Pending for Specific Month.

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We are the SASSA Team, dedicated to providing you with helpful guides on checking your SASSA status online, keeping you updated on the latest SASSA payment schedule and news, and offering clear resolutions on-related issues. Whether you're awaiting the processing of your pending grant application or waiting to check the SRD status for the new R350 application, we are committed to keeping you well-informed about the latest R350 status and any modifications to the social relief grant by the South African National Agency and the Department of Social Development (DSD).

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