My SASSA Card Declined

“I have encountered SASSA Card Declined at ATM I am an approved SASSA recipient, so help me, How can I fix it?”

We know this is a frustrating situation when your SASSA Card Declined at an ATM or any online transaction, but you should have received an SMS on your cell phone for a declined reason for your rejected SASSA gold card. If not, proceed with this method.

Resolve SASSA Card Declined

You can resolve SASSA Card Declined issue by directly contacting your bank. If your bank account is linked to SASSA, you can consult them for any transaction errors. If they are unable to resolve the situation, you can contact SASSA for clarification and get assistance with your declined SASSA card by following these steps.

Resolve My SASSA Card Declined image of a recipient facing a declined SASSA Card at ATM
  1. Review the SMS you’ve received from SASSA to find out why your card was declined.
  2. Contact SASSA on WhatsApp at 082 046 8553 and consult your problem.
  3. You can appeal for declined SASSA card, by calling the SASSA helpline at 0800601011.
  4. If your grant application is also declined, appeal to SASSA for grant reconsideration.
  5. If technical issues cause the card to decline, seek help from a SASSA representative.

Reasons for SASSA Card Declined

When your SASSA card is declined, SASSA sends you a notification message explaining the reason for the decline which appears in the following situations.

  1. Your grant is approved, but your card is declined as a result of a glitch in the SASSA system.
  2. Your bank account has been closed or has pending transactions.
  3. Your card is used for fraudulent activity, prompting SASSA to block it during an investigation.
  4. An increase in income beyond the Means Test limit is observed.
  5. Your SASSA grant is discontinued or cancelled, leading your card to be declined as well.

Recipients who you believe there has been an error leading to your SASSA card being declined and your grant funds being reversed, you can appeal to SASSA to unblock your card by following the steps below.

We are here to help you address this issue, seeking clarification, and potentially resolving your declined SASSA card online. You can leave your message in the comments and we will answer your queries.

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