Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status

You can receive the Child Support Grant if you are a parent, legal guardian, or relative responsible for childcare according to South African law. Here, you can check SASSA Child Support Grant Status to confirm its approval for monthly payments. This ensures continuous support for your children, covering their basic needs such as living expenses and education.

Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status

You can check your Child Support Grant Status by following this process. It is simple to find out if you get paid for the month with your approved grant.

  1. To check the status of your Child Support Grant, visit the SASSA website at
  2. Use the online SASSA status check tool to find your children’s grant approval updates.
  3. Enter your South African ID and the registered cell phone number linked to your child support grant application.
  4. Click on the Status Check button to send your request to the SRD database for processing.
  5. Your Child Support Grant status results will appear on the screen with all the related information.

In the SASSA status report, you will find your Child Support Grant Application ID and its status for the approved month. If you have recently applied for the SASSA grant, then you will see the approved grant status with payment dates for when you will be paid.

SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Dates

Once you’ve found your Child Support Grant status, you can now check the latest SASSA payment dates. The table below is dedicated to the SASSA Child Support Grant payment schedule for the entire year 2024, featuring all the payment cycles when your grant will be distributed, ensuring you receive payments for all 12 months.

Collect Payment

Payment Not received for SASSA Child Grant

If you haven’t received your SASSA Child Grant payment this month, please call your bank’s customer service to investigate the reason for the non-payment, whether it’s due to a system problem or another issue. Understand why you have not received your SASSA payment. If the reason is incorrect or no payment method is selected, you can change SASSA banking details to enable the collection of your child’s grant payments.

SASSA Child Care Application Pending

The pending status for your child grant can last up to 14 days (two weeks) from the application date. If you receive a notification message for pending bank details, contact information, or any other pending details, promptly update SASSA application for the Child Support Grant.

If you receive a notification message regarding pending bank details, or contact information, please promptly request SASSA change phone number to ensure you can receive your grant updates and notifications from SASSA on your cell phone. This ensures you have access to your SASSA status and will enable you to receive approved grant SMS messages that will allow you to collect your SASSA money through the selected payment options.

Child Support Grant Status Declined

If SASSA declined your child grant for the current month, you should consider appealing the decision if you believe it was incorrect, and you qualify for a Child Support grant. You can follow these steps to appeal SASSA for a declined Child Support Grant.

  1. Go to the appeal SASSA website at
  2. Provide your ID number and the cellphone number registered with your application.
  3. You will receive a PIN code that you need to fill up.
  4. Select the month for which you want to appeal SASSA for the declined grant.
  5. Provide the reason for appealing to SASSA decision.
  6. Click the “Submit” button to send your appeal. and wait for the approval.

During the waiting period of 90 days, as defined by the SASSA national agency, if you receive a notification regarding SASSA reapplication, please follow the instructions provided to have your grant application reinstated.

SASSA Child Grant Approval Time

It can be as long as around three months (90 days) maximum for the SASSA child grant application to be processed and approved. Throughout this duration, the application will undergo an assessment to verify the fulfilment of all stipulated prerequisites.

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  1. Lerato Rosina Kekana says:

    On December 2023 I received R700 instead of R2500, now January 2024 I also received R700 instead of R2500.please check for me

  2. Kaylin Smith says:

    I applied by hop center in delft for my daughter for the first time then they messaged me to say i was found on the UIF database but i never worked for a company before

  3. Kerileng Ngubane says:

    Good day Im worried my child grant was declined for January can you please help me because I’m wondering this month what will happen

  4. Good day

    Please assist i went to the bank twice since yesterday for my child grant but still havent recieved any?

  5. Edwina van wyk says:

    I did not receive my childsgrant

  6. Itumeleng P. Chona says:

    I never received the payment since July 2023,and i was promised it will be paid the following month but nothing. I went every month and I got the same answer even December and now there is no payment.

    Please help me

  7. Magdeline Moeti says:

    I didn’t receive my child support grant

  8. Charmaine says:

    Hi i did apply 12 october and still no pay.

  9. Noluvo silatsha says:

    Hi want to check if my child support grant still in process

  10. check my foster care grand but not sure what day it will be oay in my bank
    and what about the grand for
    desember 2023 it was blocked by the sassa and cmr ermelo

  11. Gatsha Sigamoney says:

    I have not received my child support grant for October and November 2023

  12. Please check for me if Bonolo Seli is still receiving a sassa grant it’s being more than 6 years not knowing her status because she was abondoned

  13. Please chck for me my child grant i apply the grant 29 September but the sassa say not finalised pls check for me

    1. Lucia maebela says:

      Maebela Lucia
      I registered child support on 11 October but saasa not paid

  14. Itumeleng Maria says:

    My srd is declined when I apply social grant for my child