SASSA Status Check November 2023 – SRD R350 Payment Dates

You can receive your payment with SASSA Status Check November 2023. To ensure your grant paid on time, it’s important for evert beneficeray to check SASSA Status for November Payments. South African Social Security Agency let you know the approved payday to receive your grant money. November SASSA status check gets reversed if not collected on the accepted payday. With online status checks you can get instant status results could lead to unnecessary delays and frustration.

SASSA Status Check November 2023

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SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) has announced November Payment Dates for all social grants, including the Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, Disability Grant, Care Dependency Grant, Grant In Aid, Old Age Grant, War Veterans Grant, and SASSA Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 Grants. You can verify these dates through the November SASSA status check by following the steps below. All you will need is your ID Number and Phone Number to check the payment dates for your approved monthly grant.

  1. To check SASSA Status for November 2023 visit the Sassa portal at
  2. Insert your South African ID Number.
  3. Enter the Cell Phone Number registered to submit the Sassa grant application.
  4. Click on the Status Check button.
  5. November SASSA status results for 2023 will appear with approved payday.

SASSA Status Check November 2023 Payment Dates

You can check SRD Status for November 2023 to collect your R350 payment at the scheduled payment cycle which starts on Friday, November 24, 2023, and ends on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 Grant Payment Dates

For SASSA social grants you can mark your calendar for the given dates and make sure to receive SASSA money between 8 am to 4 pm during office hours.

Older Person War Veterans and Grant In Aid Payment Dates

November 2, 2023, Thursday: 8 am to 4 pm

Disability and Care Dependency Grant Payment Dates

November 3, 2023, Friday: 8 am to 4 pm

Child Support and Foster Child Grant Payment Dates

November 6, 2023, Monday: 8 am to 4 pm

Your status check results will display your Application ID and "Approved for November" status, ensuring that you can collect grant money on the scheduled SASSA Payment Dates for this month.

SASSA Application Status for November 2023

New applicants who have just submitted their SASSA online application for the social grant or SRD R350 should check SASSA application status for November 2023. It will help you know the current progress of your application. You will get informed on the approval, pending, or declined application status to make an informed decision.

What to Do If SRD R350 Payment Not Received for November 2023

If you have not received your SRD R350 payment for November 2023, don't worry. Here's what you should do. You can reach out to SASSA for assistance and initiate an appeal if your payment was declined. This will ensure you receive your grant money in the next payment cycle.

November SASSA Status Pending Bank Details

If your SASSA Status show bank details pending it means you need to update or change SASSA banking details to be able to receive your November grant.

SASSA Status Approved but No SMS Received

If you have not received the monthly grant SMS verification, you can use the online SASSA Status check provided above. This official tool will assist you in receiving the SASSA SMS for your November grant.

What is the Meaning of SASSA Status Approved

This status means your November Grant is Approved successfully and you will receive payment for this month. You can now visit the SASSA Payment Dates status check to determine your approved grant payday.

How to check the Current Balance Status for the SASSA Grant

If you want to check SASSA balance status, simply dial the balance inquiry code *120*3210#. This will allow you to view your current balance amount both before and after receiving your November grant payment.

SASSA Contact Details

To contact SASSA support for November grant problems you can dial the helpline phone number at 0800 601011. If needed you can reach the front desk through the SASSA WhatsApp Number to get in touch with the live agent to resolve your issue, which is also available at email [email protected].

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