Check SASSA War Veterans Grant Status

You can check SASSA War Veterans Grant Status online to confirm your approved payment. SASSA supports South African armed forces who served in the Second World War (1939-1945) or the Korean War (1950-1953) in their golden age with a monthly grant, enabling them to pay for caregiver services and living expenses.

Check SASSA War Veterans Grant Status

Follow the given steps to proceed and check Sassa status for war veterans grant, whether it is approved, pending, or declined.

  1. To SASSA Older Person Grant Status visit
  2. Enter your South African ID Number or File number.
  3. Provide the cell phone number you used to submit your War Veteran Grant Application.
  4. Click on the Submit button to send your request to the SASSA database.
  5. SASSA system will display your War Veteran Grant Status with your App ID.

SASSA War Veterans Payment Dates

With the approved SASSA war veterans grant, you can check payment dates to confirm when you will receive your monthly payment. The SASSA payment dates schedule specifies the exact payday for each month in 2024, marking when the distribution process starts to provide beneficiaries with payments for the approved grant.


War Veterans Grant Payment Not Received

You can wait for 30 days and stay in contact with the officials at the helpline number 0800 601 011. If you have not received SASSA payment, call your bank’s customer service to check for possible delays and inquire about not being paid for the current or previous month.

SASSA War Veterans Grant Application Pending

Normally, the pending status for SASSA’s War Veterans Grant typically lasts for up to 14 days (two weeks) from the application date. The Pending Status indicates that your war veterans grant application has not been processed, and takes more time. But if your status shows, pending for bank details, then you need to add SASSA banking details for a new payment method.

  • Note: If your application is pending documents you need to provide correct personal details, by updating your SASSA application, and adding all necessary proofs, and answers to the screening questionnaire, to continue the approval process and begin receiving your monthly support.

SASSA Status Declined for War Veterans Grant

If you discover that SASSA declined your war veterans grant application, you can submit an appeal to the Department of Social Development. For each declined month you can appeal SASSA for an incorrect decision if your circumstances make you eligible for the War Veterans grant. You can follow these steps to reinstate your declined grant.

  1. Visit the SASSA appeal website at
  2. Provide your ID number and the cellphone number registered with your application.
  3. You can also enter your 13-digit, bar-coded identity document (ID) for verification.
  4. Insert the PIN code you will receive on your cellphone number linked with your application.
  5. Select the month for which you want to appeal SASSA for the declined War Veterans grant.
  6. Provide the reason for appealing to SASSA’s decline decision.
  7. Click the Submit button to send your appeal. and wait for the approval message.

Qualifying Criteria for SASSA War Veterans Grant

To qualify for the SASSA War Veterans Grant, applicants must meet specific criteria. Eligibility is determined through a means test, assessing factors such as income, assets, and other financial considerations. Before applying for the SASSA War Veterans Grant, ensure that you meet all criteria and fulfil all the given requirements. Below, you can find detailed information in the infographics. If you meet these requirements, you can proceed with confidence in your application for the support you deserve.

Application Process for SASSA War Veterans Grant, Complete Steps Infographics

SASSA Required Proof of Service for War Veteran Grant Applicants

To support your war service claim, you need to submit proof such as a certificate of service. If you’re under 60 years of age and unable to work, you’ll also need to provide a medical report. Additionally, your marital status and employment status of both you and your spouse will be taken into consideration to determine your needs.

Application Process for SASSA War Veterans Grant

You can apply for the SASSA War Veterans Grant online or by visiting your nearest SASSA office branch. The online application procedure follows these steps:

  1. Visit the official SASSA website at
  2. Select the option for the War Veterans Grant for the SASSA online application.
  3. Fill out the online application form with accurate personal information.
  4. Upload any necessary supporting documents, such as your ID and proof of service as a war veteran.
  5. Provide complete answers to the screening questionnaire for a successful application.
  6. Select your payment method for bank payments or pick n pay points from the list.
  7. Submit your online application for the War Veterans Grant.
  8. You will receive a confirmation message from SASSA indicating that your application has been submitted, along with an Application ID number.

After submitting your application, you can wait for it to be processed. You can check the SASSA Status for the War Veterans Grant to receive updates on the approval of your grant and the payment dates for approved months. With this information, you can collect your grant payment when the disbursement starts according to the SASSA payment dates.

Processing Time for the SASSA War Veterans Grant Application

The processing time for the SASSA War Veterans Grant application is up to 3 months (90 days). During this period, the national agency verifies your information before approving the grant. Once processed, SASSA sends a confirmation SMS to your registered number with application details. You will start receiving the grant money from the date your application is submitted. Your approved grant can be received through any of the payment methods you selected in your application.

  • Please Note: With a physical disability, if you are unable to collect your grant, you can appoint a procurator at the SASSA office or someone else with power of attorney to collect your grant on your behalf.
  • If needed, you can update SASSA bank options for easy collection, with a variety of choices from Where to Withdraw SASSA Money.

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