SASSA Status Check January 2024 – SASSA Payment Dates

SASSA Status Check January 2024 promptly to confirm the approval of your grant for this month. This ensures you stay well-informed about your monthly grant status in advance, allowing you to prepare for collection. If your status indicates approval for January, check the SASSA Payment Dates 2024 for the exact date when the payment will be credited to your bank account. It will take about 2 to 3 working days for your grant money to reflect in your account after the payment has been processed. If you have selected other payment options, visit your respective Pay Point on the specified date to collect your grant payment.

SASSA Status Check January 2024 for Payment Dates

During the pay week of each month, SASSA encouraged you to check your status on the SRD website for confirmation. This step is crucial to determine if your payment has been processed for the current month. To ensure your eligibility for the January 2024 Grant Payment, you should Check SASSA status online.

Check SASSA Payment Dates for January 2024

Following your status confirmation for this month, proceed to review the SASSA Payment Dates for January 2024. You will find different SASSA grants are distributed on varying dates, as outlined in the table below.

SASSA GrantsPayment Dates
Older Persons and War Veterans Grant3-Jan-24
Disability and Care Dependency Grant4-Jan-24
Child Support and Foster Child Grant5-Jan-24
Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 Grant25-Jan-24 to 31-Jan-24

January Means Test Failed and SASSA Eligibility Criteria

If your SASSA status indicates a decline for January, it implies you are ineligible for grant payments this month due to a failed Means Test. The SASSA Means Test examines grant applicants for monthly eligibility, including the validation of assets, income, and cross-referencing of IDs in government databases to prevent multiple grant registrations with institutions like UIF, NSFAS, or SARS.

In case your SASSA status failed for January, follow the instructions diligently to avoid this tragedy in the coming months.

  • Your eligibility is determined by the Means Test, which evaluates your income and assets against specific thresholds that vary for each grant type.
  • To guarantee eligibility for a SASSA grant, refrain from registering your ID and cell phone number with other government institutions.
  • SASSA conducts thorough verifications by cross-referencing your ID and records with databases such as NSFAS, UIF, and others.
  • Withdraw your funds and keep your account with a minimal balance, ensuring that your account aligns with the Means Test limit for your specific grant.

Following these instructions diligently ensures the approval of your grant and staying updated with the latest SASSA payment dates for the coming months.

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