Check SASSA Grant In Aid Status

You can check your Grant In Aid Status online to find out the approved payment dates for the month. SASSA provides Grant In Aid to individuals who require additional support to pay caregivers, if they are already receiving a social grant and may not have enough resources for living expenses. This assistance is intended for older persons, war veterans, individuals with disabilities, those requiring care, and recipients of child support grants.

Check SASSA Grant In Aid Status

Follow these steps to check SASSA Grant In Aid Status online to see if it’s approved, pending, or declined. This online status check helps you confirm the payment dates for the full-time care grant to which day you will receive your funds.

  1. To check the status of your Grant In Aid, visit the SASSA website at
  2. Enter your South African ID and mobile number linked with your SASSA application.
  3. Click on Status Check button to send your request to SASSA SRD database.
  4. Your Grant In Aid status displayed on the screen with approved month payment dates, including your Application ID.

SASSA Grant In Aid Payment Dates

To know when you’ll receive your approved Grant in Aid payment, just refer to the SASSA payment dates. This official schedule gives you the exact payday for your grant in aid, whether it’s associated with your already approved Old Age, War Veteran, Disability, Care Dependency, or Children Grant.

SASSA Status for Grant In Aid Pending

If your SASSA Grant In Aid status appears as Pending, it means your application is still being processed. Typically, it takes around 14 days from the application date to receive confirmation. However, if still receive a pending status, it may indicate the need to update payment methods or provide certified documents. In case of pending bank details, you can proceed to change your banking details for the SASSA grant to receive payments directly into your account and avoid delays. If you need to upload certified affidavits, medical reports, or proof of income, ensure they are in PDF format for acceptance.

Monthly Grant In Aid Not Received

When your Sassa status is approved for the month, you can anticipate receing your grant on Sassa payment dates. If you have linked yoru vank account, your grant will be transit within 3 days of paymnet week, and if you hacve not reciebed it, contcat Sassa helpline 0800 535 455 to consyult your issue. There might be a sysytem failue that delayed SASSA payment more than 3 days after oayment dates, in which case, yoyu grant will be paud in nexct month,

Grant In Aid Application Status Declined

You should consider to appeal SASSA for your declined grant if you believe the decision was incorrect. When your application for SASSA Grant-In-Aid has been declined, you can submit your appeal to the Department of Social Development, by following these steps.

  1. Visit the SASSA appeal website at
  2. Provide your ID number and the cellphone number registered with your application.
  3. You can also enter your 13-digit, bar-coded identity document (ID) for verification.
  4. Insert the PIN code you will receive on your cellphone number linked with your application.
  5. Select the month for which you want to appeal SASSA for the declined Grant In Aid.
  6. Provide the reason for appealing to SASSA’s decline decision.
  7. Click the “Submit” button to send your appeal. and wait for the approval message.

During your waiting period, use SASSA Status Check on the SRD website

Processing Time for SASSA Grant In Aid Approved

SASSA grant in aid can take up to 90 days (equivalent to 3 months) for processing and approval. In the event that you do not receive an SMS notification regarding SASSA approval or rejection, you are advised to proceed with the SASSA reapplication approach.

When SASSA Terminates Grant in Aid

The grant-in-aid will be cancelled or terminated by SASSA if any of the following situations occur:

  • Passing away
  • You no longer require full-time care
  • Admission to a state institution e.g. welfare organization
  • Exceeding the income or asset limits that no longer meet the Means test criteria
  • The grant has not been claimed for three consecutive months
  • Relocating outside the country

Dispute for SASSA Social Grant Deductions

Dispute for SASSA Social Grant Deductions

If you’ve discovered unauthorized deductions on your social grant, follow these steps to lodge a dispute through an automated process.

  1. Compose an SMS to Q-link at 34548.
  2. In your SMS, include the following information.
    • Type “Dispute” as the topic.
    • Your ID Number.
    • Your full name and surname (as they appear on your ID).
    • The name of the company you are disputing deductions with (FSP Name).
    • Duration of the policy (how long the deductions have been made).
    • Reason for the dispute (e.g., “I never signed a contract” or “misrepresentation”).
  3. Await further instructions and resolution from the dispute process.

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