SASSA Application Update Online

If your grant application is pending due to missing documents or changes in your currently approved grant circumstances, visit the official SASSA website to initiate the SASSA Application Update Online process. This will allow you to update your personal information and continue receiving your grant money seamlessly.

SASSA Application Update

With any mistakes in your application, whether it’s a missing document or a change in your circumstances, you can proceed with the SASSA Application Update Online process. This process helps ensure you will receive SASSA money without any issues.

SASSA Application Update Infographics Notice from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Regarding Changes in Application for Updated Information
  1. Go to the SASSA website at and log in to your account.
  2. Scroll down and click on Update your SASSA grant application.
  3. Again click on the “Update your existing application” button.
  4. Enter your ID number and mobile phone number that you used to register.
  5. Click “send SMS” to receive a one-time PIN (OTP).
  6. Use the OTP to verify your application.
  7. You can update your details, such as contact information, name, ID, and other details.
  8. Fill up the screening questionnaire responses and sign out.

By updating your grant application, you can increase the chance of your SASSA grant application approval.

SASSA Updated Grant Application Declined

If your application is declined despite providing updated information, you have the option to appeal to SASSA within 30 days of receiving the rejection notice. This allows SASSA to reconsider your application, and you will receive notification of the appeal’s outcome. You can appeal Sassa online to address your declined grant and provide a reason to reconsider your application. Make sure to provide accurate reasons, so that your cancelled or declined grant will be reinstated quickly.

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  1. I’m not able to update my contact number and email address

  2. Thabang Daniel Mokoena says:

    I want to fill in my bank details

  3. Hey there I haven’t received my sassa grant since January and February is approved but I haven’t got a date yet

  4. Hey my sassa srd R350 decline since January2024until know because there is no date

  5. Peo Mokotjo says:

    Please im not working

  6. My grant has been approved since November 23 until now but my pay dates are still not published ­čśş

  7. I want updates my application account

  8. Hi I’m Sidney I didn’t get my money for December 2023 der was a date and payday but didn’t received any money tnx

  9. Lovers Tolo says:

    Hi I’m lovers Tolo have not received my grand from much it’s only approve but no payday,I would like you to help I’m not working father of 3 the money was really helpful I really need while I’m still looking for a job,can you help me please with respect, I’ll appreciate alot

    1. Shubnum Khader says:

      Hi I’m shubnum Khader my son sent money in my tymebank account now my srd pending for 3 months

  10. I can’t log in the change my phone number without my permission