Qualify for SASSA Grants

If you’re looking to apply for SASSA social grants, understanding the SASSA qualification criteria is crucial. These criteria are standardized for various life events and circumstances.

Each social grant has specific requirements, ensuring that the benefits are directed to those who genuinely need assistance. Here, you can review all the qualifications for SASSA social grants.

Qualify for SASSA Grants

If you need to access SASSA benefits, there are specific criteria for each grant that you should check before submitting your application. You can review the ‘Qualifications for SASSA Grants’ to ensure that you meet SASSA’s requirements to get approved and receive monthly payments for your social grant.

  1. Reside in South Africa as a citizen, permanent resident, or refugee.
  2. Maintain independent living, not in state institutions.
  3. Comply with means test if married; spouse’s income considered.
  4. Not receive any other social grant.
  5. Stay within the stipulated income threshold for the requested grant.
  6. Experience unemployment or limited means to support the family.
  7. Have disabilities affecting work or needing care.
  8. Face challenges from life events like natural disasters.

Requirements for SASSA Grants

Requirements for SASSA Grants and SRD Grants Listed Infographic for New Applicants

It’s essential for all Sassa applicants to meet the specific eligibility requirements for particular social grant programs to qualify for Sassa benefits. Here include the following.

Old Age Grant

To qualify for the Old Age Grant.

  1. Age: You must be 60 years or older.
  2. Means Test: Your financial situation will be assessed to determine the need for financial aid.

Disability Grant

For the Disability Grant.

  1. Disability: You must have a disability preventing sufficient earnings.
  2. Means Test: Your financial status will be considered.
  3. Medical Report: A medical report verifying your disability is necessary.

Care Dependency Grant

To be eligible for the Care Dependency Grant.

  1. Child’s Disability: You must be a primary caregiver of a severely disabled child under 18.
  2. Means Test: Your income will be evaluated.
  3. Medical Evidence: Proof of the child’s disability is required.

Child Support Grant

For the Child Support Grant.

  1. Responsibility: You must care for children under 18.
  2. Income Threshold: Your income should be below a specific limit.

Foster Child Grant

If you have legal custody of a foster child.

  1. Income Limit: Your income should be under a set threshold.
  2. Grant In Aid

If you already receive a SASSA grant and need constant care due to severe disability.

  1. Ongoing Care: This grant helps with continuous care expenses.

War Veterans Grant

For military veterans who meet specific criteria.

  1. Service Requirement: You must have served in certain forces.
  2. Means Test: Your financial status will be evaluated.

Citizenship and Residency

Applicants must be South African citizens. In some cases, permanent residents, refugees, and asylum seekers might be eligible.

Income Thresholds

A means test considers income, assets, and expenses to determine eligibility.

Non-eligibility for Other Grants

Usually, if you’re receiving other social grants or benefits, you may not qualify for additional SASSA grants.

Claim SASSA Benefits

Benefits are determined based on these factors.

  • Job Loss: Due to retrenchment or unemployment.
  • Disability: Physical or mental disabilities affecting work.
  • Life Events: Such as the loss of a breadwinner or reaching retirement age.
  • Children Care: Guardians of disabled or foster children.

SASSA Status Check

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