When SASSA Approved Grant Application

When SASSA approved your grant application, it means your application has been processed and accepted. It typically takes 90 days for SASSA to approve your grant, and you will receive a confirmation SMS from the South African Social Security Agency.

When SASSA Approved

In three months, your grant application will receive final approval from SASSA, and you will start receiving SASSA payments from the date you applied for the grant.

SASSA will send you two SMS messages. The first one will say ‘SASSA Approved, congratulations.’ This means SASSA has approved your grant based on eligibility criteria. You will also receive another SMS, intended for new applicants in the initial months, to inform you about grant payment dates. The second SMS will let you know when you’ll receive your first payment, such as ‘Approved for September.’

SASSA Approved Status Infographics Results and Next Step to Collect Payment for Approved Grant Application

As indicated in the infographics above, after your SASSA status is approved, you can check your grant payment dates to collect your monthly grant payments. This is the next step after receiving approval from SASSA.

You can check the SASSA grant approval process involves a series of thorough evaluations, which include the following steps.

  1. SASSA verifies your identity using cross-checks across databases like UIF, NSFAS, and government records, ensuring your eligibility meets specific grant requirements.
  2. Following initial verification, SASSA verifies recipient information with banking records, ensuring authenticity, and confirming applicants meet income and asset threshold criteria.
  3. Beyond banking, SASSA validates citizenship through Home Affairs and UIF via the Department of Labour, promoting merit across grant types, including the SASSA R350 grant.
  4. Final approval occurs after all other successful checks, and then SASSA updates your grant status to “Approved,” allowing access to SASSA benefits.
  5. Recipients receive notifications on registered cellphones for approval and first payment dates, to be withdrawn on specific paydays.

After the verification period, SASSA directly sends the approved application status to recipients with key details to receive SASSA payments.

Check SASSA Payment Dates After Approved Status

With an approved SASSA status, make sure you have checked payment dates to get ready to collect your monthly funds on a designated payday. You can follow SASSA Payment Dates to ensure you receive your payment without delay.

SASSA Approved with Bank Details Pending

When your SASSA status shows ‘Approved with Bank Details Pending,’ it’s essential to ensure accurate bank details to receive timely SASSA grant payments. This becomes particularly important when your grant has been approved, but you haven’t received any alerts or your status remains pending.

You can resolve this issue by adding your bank account information to your SASSA grant application. Taking this step ensures that you receive your approved SASSA grant payments directly into your bank account, eliminating the need to visit the Post Office every time to collect payments.

  • If your approved Sassa grant bank details are pending, it means they aren’t linked with SASSA, and you can correct this by changing SASSA banking details online.

Once your bank details are updated, you can expect prompt payment into your account.

If there have been any changes in your circumstances, please feel free to contact SASSA’s toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 or reach out to the department office directly at 013 574 9428 (available from 08:00 to 16:00 on weekdays).

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