How Much SASSA Grant Pays in 2024

If you’re curious about the latest news and the 2024 payment amounts for SASSA grants provided by the South African Social Security Agency, you’re welcome. SASSA has increased grant amounts for 2024 to support citizens, permanent residents, and refugees residing in South Africa. Here, you’ll find all the payment details for SASSA grants in 2024.

How Much SASSA Grant Pays

You can check the newly increased SASSA social grants and the SRD grant amount in the table listed below. This includes the SASSA grant amounts increased from the April 2024 payment cycle.

SASSA Grant NameSocial Relief of Distress (SRD)Child Support Grant (CSG)Foster Child Grant (FCG)Old Age Grant (Below 75 years)Older Person Grant (Above 75 years)Disability Grant (DG)Grant In Aid (GIA)Care Dependency Grant (CDG)War Veterans Grant (WVG)
SASSA amount in April 2023R350R510R1,120R2,080R2,100R2,080R500R2,080R2,100
Increased amount in April 2024R413R750R1,130R2,090R2,110R2,090R510R2,090R2,110
[Table of SASSA Payment Amount for all SASSA Grants]

1. Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 Grant

The SASSA SRD Grant was originally intended to provide temporary relief to individuals experiencing financial hardship during COVID-19. Since 2019, the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant has paid an amount of R350, which is set to increase to R413 from April 2024.

To qualify for the extended SRD amounts, you must meet specific eligibility criteria, determined through a Means Test to ensure that your income and assets fall below the threshold.

Meeting these requirements qualifies you for the SRD grant. This financial assistance is also extended to citizens in need of support during periods of unemployment and resource scarcity, serving as a crucial lifeline.

2. Child Support Grant

The SASSA Child Support Grant (CSG), which previously paid R510, now receives a top-up of R750, effective from April 1, 2024. Furthermore, there is an anticipated additional increase for the SASSA child grant, adding an extra amount of R250 starting from April 2025.

3. Foster Child Grant

For foster child caregivers, the Foster Child Grant is set to increase to R1,130 effective from April 2024 and may undergo additional increases in April 2025.

The current increase tops up the previous amount of R1,120, adding R10 for last year SASSA foster child grant increment.

4. Old Age Grant

SASSA’s older person grant is distributed in two parts, based on the recipient’s age.

For elder recipients aged 60 to 74, the Old Age Grant pays R2,090, which is going to increase from the previous amount of R2,080, effective from April 2024.

For senior people aged 75 and above SASSA older person grant pays R2,110, up from the previous R2,100, starting April 2024.

5. Disability Grant

For eligible individuals, the SASSA Disability Grant is increased from a previously paid R2,080 to a recorded R2,090 with an increment of R10.

Like many other social grant increases, you can expect a double increase before the year 2025, as the SASSA board reconsider the payments scheduled for April 2024.

6. Care Dependency Grant

The SASSA Care Dependency Grant payment is set to increase to R2,090 in 2024, starting in April. This increase will mark an R10 increment over the previous amount of R2,080. Additionally, it’s worth noting that SASSA is planning another increase in April 2025.

7. Grant In Aid

For those eligible for the SASSA Grant In Aid, the grant payment has been scheduled for an increased amount of R510 from April 2024.

This increase represents an R10 raise from the previously noted amount of R500. We are considering the possibility of further increasing in the coming year.

8. War Veterans Grant

The SASSA War Veterans Grant pays an amount of R2,100, which is now going to increase to R2,110. You can claim this increase starting from April 2024, with the potential for further expansions anticipated in April 2025.

  • Important Notice: SASSA increased grant amounts across the board, but there has been no increase noticed for the SRD R350 grant. If you come across news claiming that SASSA Giving R700 Grant Increase, please exercise caution, as there is no official statement on the surface that supports such a claim.

Stay Informed about SASSA Grants Increase

It’s important to remember that these grant amounts are subject to change, and SASSA periodically reviews and adjusts them to ensure that recipients receive sufficient support.

To stay informed about the most recent updates and any upcoming changes to SASSA grant payments, please visit the SRD Status website at helping you better understand the available social assistance in South Africa.

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