SASSA Declined Social Grant Application

If your new SASSA social grant application has been declined, you can take steps to address the situation and consider a reconsideration appeal to SASSA.

SASSA declined social grant applications due to incorrect information, failure to meet SASSA eligibility criteria, or even when you have applied for two SASSA grants by mistake. However, this is fixable through a SASSA appeal to the Department of Social Development, which oversees SASSA grants.

SASSA Declined Social Grant Application

Don’t worry if your Social SASSA grant is declined; you can still get approval. To do so, you need to appeal to SASSA and address any issues that caused the decline. This process can be done online and is the easiest one so far. Follow these steps to appeal to SASSA for a declined grant. It will take a few weeks for them to re-verify your documents and application. After that, when your status is approved, SASSA will notify you via SMS, and also check it online through SASSA Status.

Infographics of How to Appeal SASSA R350 Declined Application Online Complete Process
  1. Visit the DSD ITSAA website for SASSA appeals at
  2. Enter your ID number and phone number used during the application.
  3. Request a PIN, which will be sent to your registered phone number.
  4. Fill up the OPT PIN you have just received, (Sassa Pin), to proceed with the appeal.
  5. Select the month you want to appeal your social grant application declined.
  6. You will need to provide a reason for appealing your declined SASSA application.
  7. Submit your request and wait for the outcome of your appeal via SMS notification.
  8. During the waiting period, you can regularly check the Sassa Status for your appealed declined application.

When appealing, make sure to include a reason for reconsideration and provide proof that you were an original SASSA recipient by sharing your grant Application ID upon request.

You can learn about the reasons for your grant application being rejected and find full information on SASSA Application Declined.

How Long Does SASSA Appeal Take to Approve

The ITSAA department conducts an independent review for each appeal, which can take up to three months (60 to 90 days) to approve an appeal for a declined SASSA grant.

SASSA Declines Your Grant Application Appeal

If you’re dissatisfied with the final decision on your appeal for a previously declined SASSA grant application, you’ll need to re-appeal for the following month.

You can likewise contact the ITSAA through their toll-free telephone number at 012 312 7727 or by emailing [email protected] to appeal for your declined SASSA grant and to address any concerns.

The ITSAA values fair and thorough assessments, committed to offering you a platform to present your case. They ensure that each SASSA grant application receives the attention it deserves and reaches the needy applicant.

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  1. Celeste Combrinck says:

    I was declined for 2 months, Nov. & Dec. Why & how do I fix it?

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    I’m not working permanent job , I need this money please help

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    My 350grant has declined because they said ihave a uif but I don’t have lost my previous identity book so he/she use it as m working to their company

  4. Im not working but i don’t receive my SRD can you please help i need this money…

  5. I am no longer working

  6. I currently need to change my cell number