SASSA App (Grant Application R350 App)

Important Message About SASSA Apps for Checking Your Status. If you want to get a SASSA app to see your SASSA status, please be careful and watch out. Some apps that say they’re from SASSA are not really official or approved.


SASSA, the big government agency, doesn’t have its own special app for your phone. So, if you see any SASSA app for download, it’s not real and doesn’t really help you check your SASSA status or anything else.

When you want to download SASSA app. Be smart and safe – don’t download any fake SASSA R350 apps to check your application status. It’s not worth it, and you could be risking your personal information.

Download SASSA App, Official Notice on Sassa R350 App and Sassa Grant Application R350 App

If you’ve mistakenly downloaded the SASSA app or SRD R350 app, promptly delete these fake apps to protect your personal information and security.

  1. Uninstall the app from your device and delete the APK files.
  2. Change your SASSA account password, banking info, emails, and your social media accounts.
  3. Use trusted antivirus software to scan your device for potential dangers.
  4. Monitor your SASSA payments for unauthorized withdrawals and quickly report any issues you notice.
  5. Trust only the official SASSA website for Status Checks and grant updates.

Risks of Downloading SASSA Grant Application R350 App

  1. Watch out for fake SASSA R350 apps that trick you into sharing sensitive data like your ID and banking info, leading to identity theft and fraud.
  2. Counterfeit SASSA apps often carry harmful software that can damage your device and compromise your data, granting unauthorized access.
  3. Cybercriminals might exploit fake SRD R350 apps to compromise your accounts, risking unauthorized transactions and financial losses.
  4. Your personal information can be encrypted with viruses that can harm your device’s functionality, causing malfunctions.

Identify Fake SASSA SRD R350 Apps

  1. No legitimate SASSA app exists; so, any claiming to be one is likely a scam.
  2. Only trust SASSA’s official website for status checking.
  3. Beware of apps seeking unnecessary permissions beyond their function.

Be careful and prevent using fake SASSA R350 apps, delete any you’ve previously installed, and wait for the official app announcement before downloading anything in the future.

SASSA Status Check

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