Non SASSA Declaration Form for Applicants Consent

If you’re a student seeking financial aid from NSFAS in South Africa, make sure to download Non SASSA Declaration Form to confirm that you’re not a recipient of SASSA grants.

The Non SASSA Declaration Form is necessary for NSFAS applicants in government educational institutions and those seeking job opportunities. The South African National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) confirms students’ non-beneficiary status for SASSA, covering social grants and SRD R350 grants and allows full benefits once you submit your consent form.

Non SASSA Declaration Form

To submit the Non-SASSA Declaration Form you can resolve issues that lead to SASSA affecting NSFAS, so that you can apply for NSFAS and other state institutions’ jobs and services you seek, by following these direct steps for document filing.

  1. Download the form from the above link.
  2. Fill out the form accurately, ensuring all fields are completed.
  3. Submit the completed form to your potential employer or educational institution as part of your application process.
  1. Click the download button to get Non SASSA Declaration form PDF.
  2. Once you have the form, open it with a PDF reader on your device.
  3. Fill in the form accurately and follow its instructions, including consent if you’re not a permanent SASSA beneficiary.
  4. After completion, save the form with your name as the file name for easy recognition and backup.
  5. Submit the form to NSFAS Institute through preferred channels – in-person, by mail, or online via the official NSFAS website.
  6. Double-check your non beneficiary status by visiting the SASSA status check website to verify that no grants are associated with your ID.

SASSA Non Declaration Consent Form for NSFAS Recipient Students

The Non SASSA Declaration Form is essential when family details and an abridged birth certificate are missing.

This allows NSFAS to share information with related educational institutions, confirming that the applicant is genuinely orphaned, needy, and has not received SASSA grants.

Non SASSA Declaration Form When Applying for Job

If you are a beneficiary of SASSA grants in South Africa, it’s important to be aware that your registration for these grants can impact your eligibility for government jobs and enrollment in specific institutions.

To navigate this situation and broaden your opportunities, you can provide your potential employer or educational institution with a Non SASSA Declaration Form.

Purpose of Non SASSA Declaration Form

  1. The Non Declaration form serves as your formal acknowledgement of consent, indicating that you are not a registered SASSA grant applicant. It’s important because it ensures that your eligibility for a job or educational institution is not affected.
  2. To ensure you meet the specific requirements for your desired position or educational opportunity, this consent form helps clarify your eligibility. By declaring that you are not a Sassa recipient and providing evidence that your ID is either misused or obscure so that you can establish your job position.
  3. Sassa Non Declaration form is particularly crucial when applying to government educational institutions like NSFAS and for other job opportunities. Clearly state that you are not a SASSA beneficiary and complete the form accordingly to avoid any eligibility issues.

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