How to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method to Boxer

You have the option to change SASSA R350 payment method to Boxer to collect your grant money. The SASSA Social Relief of Distress R350 grant can now be collected at any Boxer store by making the payment method change through the online portal. This flexibility is available to all recipients seeking financial support in South Africa.

We assist you with the complete process to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method to Boxer. This procedure requires your ID number and the phone number linked to your R350 application. It is the right of every recipient to decide where they would like to collect SRD R350 grant, following the payment method change.

Change SASSA R350 Payment Method to Boxer

With SASSA changing payment method you can collect your SRD R350 payment at Boxer retail stores. To make it happen you can follow the process below.

1 To collect R350 at Boxer visit the Change SASSA Banking Details at SRD website.
2 You will then need to select your ID class for South African citizen, refugee, or resident with a permit.
3 Click on the Change Payment Method section.
4 Enter your South African ID number and phone number registered for the R350 grant application.
5 You will receive a OTP Code for verification that you can enter in the given box.
6 After a confirmation notification you will receive a SASSA change payment method link.
7 Use this link to get access to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method.
8 Follow the instructions and select the “Boxer” store as your new payment method for the monthly grant.
9 Agree to the terms and conditions and then submit your completed form to change your payment method.
10 Wait for 14 business days for SASSA to update your payment method to Boxer for the R350 grant.

After the verification process is completed for your request, you will receive an SMS notification from SASSA confirming that your payment method has been successfully changed to Boxer stores.

How to Collect R350 at Boxer

Changing your R350 grant payment to Boxer helps you avoid long queues at the Post Office and streamlines your collection process. To collect your R350 grant at the Boxer store in South Africa, you will need the following documents for verification and authorisation.

  1. Original South African Identity Card or Asylum document.
  2. Cell Phone Number that is used to submit R350 application.
  3. SASSA SMS confirmation for the monthly R350 grant approval.

Where Can I Collect My SRD R350

Before you go to Boxer to withdraw your R350, please ensure your SRD Status Check online to confirm you have an approved R350 for the current month.

After confirmation, you can proceed to follow my steps to collect your R350 grant at Boxer retail store in South Africa.

1 Go to your nearest Boxer store and visit during office working hours (7:30 am to 4 pm).
2 Ask the Boxer store teller for R350 grant money service.
3 Provide your South African ID or asylum document.
4 Confirm your cell phone number registered for your R350 grant application.
5 Show your Approved month R350 SMS that you received from the SASSA status check.
6 Teller will verify your details with the SASSA system.
7 After verification, you can collect your R350 grant in cash.

Note: Do not leave your cell phone or ID at the Boxer store; keep your credentials with you. Simply verify as required and ensure the security of your documents on the way back.

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  1. Nyiku Baloyi says:

    Hi my problem is I don’t work but I earn child support grant for my children coz I no longer stay with their mother so I earn their money on their behalf. I use easypay n it always decline. Please assist me

  2. I’m aprove but no pay date

  3. Sesi Nkadimeng says:

    Jackey nkadimeng want to change my bank details to boxer store pls help

  4. Ben Leokanyeng says:

    since i registered my 350 it just says aproved but no date just say be patient

  5. Phiwa norman says:

    Someone was stole my account to use her or his income money

  6. Carissa Kokor says:

    I did not get R350 in September as the system states paid into my Capitec account only.
    How can I apply for Monutary R480 grant please.
    Unemployed still
    Can’t pay rent or buy food

  7. Please let me know n my 350 h as having problem of income please check my system doesn’t work well as from starting please check for me my card sometimes income is R50 I DIDN’T KNOW WHY N PLEASE CHECK FOR ME


    i don’t know what is going on about my 350

    1. What problem you face describe it so we can help!

      1. My problem is my 350 income sometimes my card income is R50 I don’t know why please check for me

      2. Approved. My c350 no paydate

        1. Zanele Ntombikayise F Ximba says:

          Same to me

      3. How can I transfer my sassa when I lost the Sim card that I was using to register my 350

      4. Sipho casca Mbuyane says:

        I want to receive my 350 at boxer store…is been 9months naw still no playdate my name is sipho Mbuyane

      5. Refiloe Malapa says:

        My sassa has been approved but no date