SASSA Cancel Child Grant

SASSA Cancel Child Grant with an SMS indicating the reason for cancelling your Child Grant application. This reason is crucial as it highlights why SASSA decided to cancel your Child Grant, whether it’s a Child Support Grant (CSG) or a Foster Child Grant (FSG). Even if you’ve experienced a Declined or Cancelled Child Grant Application, you can still consider an online appeal. It’s important to ensure that your child’s circumstances still meet the eligibility criteria so you can continue receiving the SASSA benefits.

Appeal SASSA Cancel Child Grant

To resolve your cancelled Child Grant, you can proceed with the SASSA Appeal for Cancelled Child Grant online. This process will help your Child Grant to be re-active. Whether your child is a beneficiary of the SASSA Child Support Grant or Foster Child Grant, it is recommended to check the reason why SASSA cancelled your Child Grant. This ensures you have a legitimate cause, which could be the basis for appealing to SASSA. You can follow the given steps to ensure your child’s grant is reconsidered and review the reasons carefully.

Appeal SASSA Cancel Child Grant Process Complete Infographics
  1. Visit a SASSA office for assistance, even on weekends, as they can provide a quick solution.
  2. It’s advisable to contact SASSA helpline at 0800601011 to address your cancelled child grant.
  3. If your child’s grant has been cancelled, you have the option to file an appeal SASSA within 90 days of receiving the cancellation notification to have your grant reinstated.

Every SASSA child grant applicant should be aware that SASSA would not cancel your grant without a reason. You will receive an SMS notification explaining the reason for the cancelled grant. Based on this information, you have the option to appeal to SASSA. If you believe the reasons provided are incorrect, you have the right to lodge an appeal with SASSA to have your grant reconsidered and approved through DSD reconsideration within the next 90 days.

Reasons Why SASSA Cancel Child Grant

  • The child no longer being in the primary caregiver’s custody.
  • Disputes arose about the child’s primary caregiver, leading to an investigation.
  • The child caregiver failed to claim in the SASSA review for three consecutive months.
  • Discovery of fraudulent or false information in the grant application.
  • The Recipient Child passes away.
  • The recipient child is absent from the country and lives outside the country.
  • The recipient child is admitted to a state institution.
  • The recipient child’s age turns 18, which is the established threshold.
  • The child is capable of a job, has assets, or is maintained by guardians.
  • Fraudulent activity or provision of false information in the grant application.

Beneficiaries of the SASSA child grant payments will be stopped if SASSA cancels their child grant for the reasons provided earlier. In such cases, you have the option to appeal to SASSA to reinstate your grant and continue receiving your monthly payments if you believe the reason provided is incorrect and SASSA has made a mistake.

Receive Cancel Child Grant Message

Sassa clearly notifies every applicant with an SMS when cancels children’s grants including child support and foster child grants. Once you receive your cancel grant notification, you have 90 days to submit your appeal and make sure to provide all the documents for Sassa child grant.

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